Friday, September 4, 2009

Bridal party layouts

I have been really working hard trying to finish my sample wedding scrapbook. Here are some layouts that I have recently finished. It showcases the bridal party (which was huge!). I didn't know how else to show all the bridesmaids and all of the groomsmen (individually with the bride or groom) except by using these squares. I think it worked out. What do you think?

Then I made seperate layouts with all of the girls together and all of the boys together. Notice the flower girl?? Isn't she the cutest.. yes that is my daughter Sydney!! Also, it is hard to tell, but one of the ring bearers is my son Robbie.

Coming up tomorrow.. more wedding layouts... I have to finish this so that I can show you some craft show projects. Enjoy your Friday!!


gale said...

Beautiful layouts! Great idea putting 9 pics on a page like that-it looks very nice. Of course the flower girl is the cutest in the bunch. ;)

The Mama Monkey said...

Oh, I do love the squares. I think it was a great way to showcase everyone!

Kirstin said...

These are fantastic pages!! I love the way you were able to showcase everyone in the wedding party!