Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of Summer Giveaway

I am having a new giveaway!!! Everybody who enters will be a winner. There will be 4 top winners in this giveaway.
First place: 50% off your order in my Etsy shop
Second place: 40% off your order
Third place: 30% off your order
Fourth place: 20% off your order
Everybody else who enters: 10% off your order.
In order to be entered in this giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. Here are ways you can get more entries:
1.Become a fan of Inkredible Creations on Facebook (if you are a fan already comment below that you're a fan & you will be entered)
Leave a comment on my page saying that you are a fan from my blog
2. Follow my blog(if you already follow comment below that you're a follower & you will be entered)To follow, just go to the sidebar and click on Follow this blog.
3. If you have a facebook fan page, post this giveaway on your page, and leave a link in the comments here.
4. If you have a blog, post this giveaway on your blog, and put a link to your blog in the comments here.
5. If you are on twitter, then tweet about this giveaway on your twitter and post a link on the comments here!

Remember, everyone is a winner!!!
You have until NOON on Tuesday, August 25 (my daughter's 7th birthday) to be entered.
Thanks for participating and GOOD LUCK!!!


Alicia said...

Good luck with your giveaway. Sounds like a lot of fun :)

Beth Jacobs said...

Thanks Alicia!! So far.. you are the winner!!! Anyone else want to play???

Jodaycraf said...

I am very interested in your giveaway. Taking off to check out your Shop.


Kate & Oli said...

Good luck!

Kate & Oli said...

i'm following you too now!

Kate & Oli said...

posted about this on my blog

kathbot said...

I am your facebook fan!

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

Yay sounds like an awesome giveaway!!