Saturday, January 9, 2010

High School Days Scrapbook

Well it has been very snowy here in Cincinnati lately, therefore I have had some time to do more scrapbooking!! I have finished a family scrapbook that I am donating to a grade school auction. I hoping to get some business through my donation!! I will show those pictures throughout the week. Today I am going to show you more from the school days scrapbook that I just finished for somebody. I just shipped the scrapbooks out today, I am so excited to find out her reaction!!!! I will be working on her son's school days scrapbook next.

Enjoy your Saturday!!! I will be having dinner and movie night with my kids! We are watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!!I can't wait! My husband is going to the Bengals game. I decided it was way too cold for me to go..... Go Bengals!


gale said...

Awesome pages! Love the bright colors. We just got that movie and the kids really liked it.

The Mama Monkey said...

These are great! I am sure they loved the end product! I love to include those tidbits about the year as well...will make for great memories!

Naomi said...

Well, she should be impressed! You did a fantastic job on this! I love your bright colors!