Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Scrapbook

Someone had asked me if I would like to make a donation to a grade school auction. Of course I wanted to help out the school and this would help me to advertise my new "business" I am trying to create. So I decided to donate a family scrapbook and a gift certificate to my website. The family scrapbook album is 8 1/2 x 11 and consists of most of the holidays throughout the year. Today and tomorrow, I will be posting pictures of my layouts. I would love to know what you think.... If you saw this at a grade school auction, would you be interested?

Opening Family Layout

Snow Day Layout

Valentine's Day Layout

Birthday Layout

I will show you some more tomorrow! Have a great Sunday!!


gale said...

Awesome pages! how nice of you to donate-I hope you get lots of business from it.

Naomi said...

As a crafter myself, I wouldn't buy one premade, BUT if I weren't a crafter, I would definitely be intersted in an album like this! I mean, it's gorgeous, you just have to stick in the photos! WOW!