Friday, December 4, 2009

Friends Scrapbook Album

Well I survived the discogram... it was pretty painful and scary.I am still really sore. They stuck the needle in the front of my neck... that was scary... anyway one of the tests caused pain, so they now know which disc is bad. We are at the hospital for 6 hours and then I came home and slept all day!! I meet with the surgeon on Monday to discuss what to do... probably will have surgery.
My sisterinlaw also asked me to make a scrapbook for their dear friends that live in another state. They used to be neighbors, but still remain great friends. She wanted the scrapbook to be all about her boys. Here are some sample pages.

I hope that enjoy your Friday and the rest of your weekend!!


gale said...

Oh wow I'm sorry you had to go through that. Hope they can help you. The scrapbook pages look amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better. I imagine it must have been awful.

Great scrapbook. Looks great.

Emily said...

First let me say that you did an awesome job on the scrapbook pages Beth!

Regarding your disc problems, I totally empathize with all you are going through. I have a son who is facing fusion surgery after years of back pain caused by deteriorating discs in his lower back. He's been through some very painful tests too. His problem right now is that he doesn't have health insurance but desparately needs the surgery.

I sure hope that you will find some relief, because it is so hard to go through life in constant pain. Best of luck to you Beth.

The Mama Monkey said...

That test sounds like a load of fun. Oh my goodness. I am glad they got the needed results from it.

Once again, a darling scrapbook! You are the scrapook queen!

Naomi said...

I am glad you found out what was wrong!!! This scrapbook is great!