Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Premade Christmas Scrapbook

Here are some pages from the Christmas scrapbook that I have been working on. This album is 11 x 8 1/2. I have never done an album like this. I had a lot of fun creating it. It is hard to tell, but most of the embellishments are 3-D, so they really pop off the page.

Last night, we took my daughter (she is 7) to get her ears pierced. She was really excited and nervous. Of course, she cried after... but she looks so cute with her earrings!! My son who is 5 tried to cheer her up. He kept saying how pretty she looked with her ears pierced! Tomorrow I will post some cards for you!! Have a great day!


Jenn Embry said...

How cute! I like to make stuff like this to give as gifts. There are very few scrappers in my family and close friends, so things like this are usually a big hit. I can only imagine how cute it will be with pics in it. :)

gale said...

Great pages-love the colors. Congrats to your dd! My 12 yo got hers done this year too.

Naomi said...

Looks like a lot of work, but that's a great book!!! This would make a great gift, even for a non-crafter! What a great idea. You could even include photo mounts, so they would have everything they need to put their pics in! I am SO doing this for my SIL to celebrate her first Christmas with her new fiance! Thanks!