Monday, March 9, 2009

My first campain: Walgreens Take Care Clinic

Have you or a loved one ever gotten sick on the weekend, when it is so hard to get in touch with a doctor? Or the wait at Urgent Care is forever? Well.. did you know that your local Walgreens have their own Take Care Clinic? It is true...the Take Care clinic has highly qualified health care providers such as board certified practioners and physician assistants. They are there for your everyday health care needs, from itchy skin to strep throat. They can diagnose and treat a lot of illnesses and they can even write you a prescription. You also can get vaccinations and physicals there. They are there 7 days a week, including weeknights, don't require appointments, and most insurance plans are welcome. If you are interested in meeting with a healthcare provider, just leave me a comment with your email address. I can mail you a voucher for a $50 coupon book that you will receive after you meet with the provider. So next time that you are sick, or need some medical attention... don't forget about your local Walgreens.

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